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Boss RC-1 Loop Station (black)

  • Boss RC-1 Loop Station (black)
  • Boss RC-1 Loop Station (black)
  • Boss RC-1 Loop Station (black)
  • Boss RC-1 Loop Station (black)
EUR 104.00
Limited Edition: RC-1-BK

The RC-1-BK is a special edition pedal that celebrates more than a million loop stations sold.


The RC-1-BK is published in a limited edition based on the popular RC-1 in the black finish with red lettering and is only available in 2018. Apart from the new color scheme, the RC-1-BK is identical to the RC-1, the absolute top seller of the Roland Loop Station series.
The legendary BOSS Compact Pedal Chassis makes the RC-1 and RC-1-BK perfect for guitars, basses and other instruments. The simple and intuitive user interface allows easy loops capture, while the unique visual display provides loop and operational status information. The versatile pedals can be used in both mono and stereo setups and can accommodate up to twelve minutes of stereo recording. All basic loop functions can be controlled via the integrated pedal switch. By connecting external footswitches you also have immediate access to the extended functionality of the RC-1 and RC-1-BK during your performance


- Very clear and easy to use
- Loop display with visual representation of the currently selected mode (recording / overdub recording / playback)
- When powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery about 3 hours of use
- Power supply alternatively via an AC adapter possible (PSA series, optional accessories)
- 12 minutes recording time in stereo
- Stereo inputs and outputs
- Connection for an external footswitch
- Recording will remain in the internal memory even after it has been turned off

- Weight: 0.600kg
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