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Fender Machete

  • Fender Machete
  • Fender Machete
  • Fender Machete
  • Fender Machete
Product #: 153966
Brand: Fender
Series: Fender Machete
Category: Guitar combo tubes amp
Availability:  Fender Machete | <b>In stock.</b> In stock.
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VörstettenFender Machete | <b>In stock.</b>  In stock
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EUR 1345.00
UVP: EUR 2379.00
High-gain tone machine that combines tube sound and highly distinctive cosmetics.

2 channels, 50 watts, 1x12" Celestion Vintage 30, 4-button footswitch included.


The new Machete amp is unlike any guitar amp Fender has ever created-a high-performance, high-gain, high-end tone machine that combines tube sound and highly distinctive cosmetics. Discerning guitarists and amp connoisseurs who are both meticulous and adventurous about even the finest details of their sound will find the Machete a formidable new member of the Fender family.

The 50-watt, dual-channel Machete combo boasts a completely new high-gain channel unlike anything ever seen on a Fender amp, an extremely clear-sounding clean channel that can be pushed into aggressive rhythm guitar territory, and onboard digital reverb. Its heavily robust enclosure construction and single 12" Celestion speaker deliver full, rich and pummeling response, with a midrange notch control, adjustable speaker damping for finely tuned performance, XLR output with switchable speaker muting and cabinet emulation, and push-pull pots for bright boost and gain boost on the rhythm channel. Its distinctive cosmetics include black vinyl covering with inlaid white piping and gray vinyl "steering wheel grip" accents, new Black Silver Strand grille cloth, heavily knurled chrome knobs and all-new corners and hardware. Four-button footswitch and fitted cover included.


- Effects Loop: Effects Loop
- Inputs: One Input
- Line Out: One XLR Line Out
- Speaker Jack: Two parallel speaker jacks
- Channels: wo Channels
- Controls: 6dB input attenuation switch, Channel One (Gain, Volume, Low, Mid, High, Notch), Channel Two (Gain, Volume, Low, Mid, High, Notch), Reverb, Damping

- Hardware Finish: Heavily knurled chrome Telecaster knobs with dimple indicator; highly polished new chrome corners; pop-out casters included
- Amplifier Depth: 11.5" (29.2 cm)
- Amplifier Width: 24.5" (62.2 cm)
- Amplifier Height: 22" (55.88 cm)
- Amplifier Weight: 71 lbs. (32.2 kg)
- Effects: Digital Reveb

- Speaker: 12" Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
- Impedance: Selectable for 4, 8, or 16 Ohm output

- Pre Amp Tubes: 5 X 7025/12AX7A
- Power Tubes: 2 X 6L6GC

- FootSwitch: 4-Button Footswitch Included
- Cover: Amplifier Fitted Cover Included

- Weight: 36.900kg
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Thank you. I found your service excellent!
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Delivered in Swiss Alpine Style!!! Love you guys at Thank you everyone!
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Many thanks for the great service provided late on Saturday afternoon and for preparing all ordered goods. Saturday evening the kit was up and running, I'm impressed.
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Thanks again for your dedication and professionalism!
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