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Yamaha RBS1480 / 14"×8" Birch Snare Drum (real wood)

  • Yamaha RBS1480 / 14'×8' Birch Snare Drum (real wood)
EUR 728.00
Extra Depth, Powerful Tone

Wide tuning range and dynamic response


  • One-piece lug

    The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. Our high-tension one-piece lugs ensure optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone.

  • 6ply, 6mm, 100%(US)Birch Shell

    In addition to their punchy power, birch shells are known to reduce unwanted noise and prevent interference when drums are set up side-by-side. The unique sonic characteristics of birch wood ensure that each stroke is clearly delineated, making it widely considered to be the ideal choice for recording environments.

  • Q Type Strainer

    The heavy-duty Q-type strainer is robust whilst offering solid, stable and smooth operation, along with adjustment and snare replacement.


- Heavy-Duty Q-Type Strainer
- Triple Flange Hoops
- 6-Plies North American Birch


- Hoop: Regular Hoop (10Hole)
- Lug: One Piece Lug
- Shells Thickness: 6ply 6.0mm
- Snare bed: 2.7mm
- Strainers: Butt Side: DC3 type
- Release Side: Q type
- Head Bottom & Batter: Remo US Snare Ambassador
- Snare wire: Regular: 25 Strand/High Carbon Steel
- Bearing Edge: 30 degree / R1.5

Series Info

Very few drum series manage to stay relevant. The Recording Custom Series, first launched in ’75 has continued to be one of the most recorded drum kits for over four decades and counting.
Today, we are proud to expand this classic series with the introduction of two new Recording Custom Birch Snares.
Since its first introduction to the market, the quality of the Recording Custom series has proven to endure the test of time. The unique mixture of Birch Shells, One Piece Lugs and a small selection of timeless finishes continue to excite drummers around the world, making it the #1 choice for recording artists as well as live drummers, who all praise the unique sound character that doesn't spread out too thinly and is particularly suited for recording.
In 2016 Yamaha proudly released the updated Recording Custom series that features a new sonic interaction of a 1-ply thinner birch shell with a modified, modern high tension lug. Adding the rigidity of the lugs to the thinner shell for more volume and power, the 2016 Recording Custom drums create a well-formed, core sound that we can truly say is in line with the Recording Custom heritage.
Following the success of the 2016 series, our development team took on the task of bringing this sonic interaction to matching snare drums, resulting in the launch of our two new birch models: the RBS1480 and RBS1455.
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