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NEO d+ USB Class A (1m)

  • NEO d+ USB Class A (1m)
EUR 40.00


Today's DJ landscape is increasingly dominated by laptops in the studio and club area, making reliable, long-lasting and error-free data connections between the equipment used more and more important. With the real-time transmission of data stands and falls a performance. Bad cable qualities can lead to the failure of the music - and we all know what happens when the music stops. The d + cable series combines traditional production methods with innovative developments. This results in high-quality cable solutions that have been specially developed for sound designers, producers, musicians and DJs. d + cables allow the most direct sound reproduction and contain conductors of extremely pure copper (PCOCC / PCOCC-A). The conductors are three times larger in diameter than conventional cables, allowing for increased data throughput resulting in unmatched clean sound quality. The flat design and the double shielding of the cables additionally prevent internal and external interference. The combined use of d + audio and data cables (USB, FireWire and RCA) in conjunction with a DVS application such as Serato Scratch Live or other sound cards offers improved sound quality and increased system stability.


- Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 cable designed specifically for the needs of digital DJs as well as for recording applications for highly reliable data transmissions
- Analogue cable manufacturing has been transferred to the production of USB and Firewire data cables
- All components guarantee a hi-speed data transfer
- One stable power supply uses silver-coated OFC (oxygen-free copper) or PCOCC (pure copper with Ohno Continous Casting) large wire diameters lead to a powerful sound projection and prevent signal loss even with longer signal paths the execution as a ribbon cable ensures a constant electrostatic capacity between the conductors
- The double shielding and twisted-pair structure combined with TPE outer sheath reduce electromagnetic noise
- Aluminum outer sheath with PBT and 30% fiberglass structure provides high-frequency, high-quality recordings.
- Available available lengths are: 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m.


- d + usb_a_gold_re Class A Conductor: PCOCC-A (0.18mm x 7 / 0.18x19 )
- Structure: Ribbon (concentric inverted)
- Shielding: double (tinned wire surface + aluminum tape)
- Insulation: Polyoefin Sheath: Thermoplastic elastomers Terminals: Platinum + Rhodium Coated Bronze Alloy
- Construction: PBT + 30% Fiberglass Outer Jacket
- Aluminum Color: Black
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