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Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)

  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
  • Vox Stage Keyboard Continental (73 keys)
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A Modern Classic with British spirit
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The original VOX Continental transistor organ of the 1960s has always been appreciated by professional musicians as a timeless classic and practical live instrument. The unmistakable sound of this organ has shaped numerous hit productions of rock and pop history. Now VOX presents a completely new stage keyboard, which translates this concept into the present time.

The simple, intuitive user interface of VOX Continental allows quick access to all functions. The high-quality sound engine creates an abundance of stage-ready sounds with its organ, e-piano and acoustic piano sounds, which can be further refined with versatile effects. Even an analogue vacuum tube section with a groove tube is integrated. Thus the new VOX Continental is an instrument that is ideally suited to the demands of live performances and can serve a wide range of styles such as rock, pop, jazz and more.

The traditional Aura, which has always surrounded VOX organs, combines with the innovations from decades of development to the new VOX Continental, a modern stage keyboard with great sound and clever features.

Optimal platform compatibility

Live situations place particularly high demands on keyboarders. With the intuitive user interface of the VOX Continental, which has been specially developed for stage inserts, you can directly access all functions.

The four parts (ORGAN, E.PIANO, PIANO, KEY / LAYER) are arranged independently on the clear control panel and can be switched directly into their operating modes ON, OFF and LAYER. Programs and effects settings can be stored in scene memory and quickly recalled. In addition to the pulling straps, the new touch sensors can be used to control a whole range of additional parameters. The entire functionality is designed for musicians in daily stage use.

Four sound parts with high quality sounds for live performances

The VOX Continental accommodates 150 programs optimized for live use in its over 10 GB memory, which are generated by a high-quality PCM sound engine and complex vintage sound modeling engines.

ORGAN Part with three authentic vintage organs

The ORGAN part contains three different sound engines. The VOX transistor organ sound engine perfectly reproduces the sound of the original VOX Continental, which was launched in the 1960s, while the COMPACT engine revives every detail of another popular transistor organ of the same era. The CX-3 Tonewheel organ sound engine models KORG's classic combo organ with striking detail. Overtones and sound colors of these organ sounds can be comprehensively modified with the revolutionary touch drawbars.

With VOX and CX-3 you can switch between the upper (upper keyboard), lower (lower keyboard) and split with only one push-button. The CX-3's percussive percussion creates a crisp attack, and the COMPACT's MTB (Multi-Tone Booster) delivers a wide range of soft, soft to sharp sounds.

Vibrato / Chorus and Rotary Speaker Simulation can be switched on and off with any sound. Matching vintage effects give the already rich organ performance a nostalgic character.

Grandiose E-PIANO part with the highest detail

Three electric piano sound engines are available: TINE reproduces the sound of instruments with metal plates, REED models the sound of vibrating tones and FM produces the iconic pianosounds of the 80s. The high-quality E-piano length with realistic simulated amp / cabinet modeling and meticulously sampled overtones are a special pleasure.
Soundful PIANO Part thanks to powerful samples

Three pianotypes are available: GRAND with the unique resonances of a concert grand piano, UPRIGHT with the voluminous depth of a piano and E-GRAND as a universal electric piano for pop music. GRAND and UPRIGHT are equipped with loop-free stereo samples per button and deliver delicate, expressive pianosounds at the highest level.

Versatile KEY / LAYER Part

The six KEY, BRASS, STRINGS, LEAD, SYNTH, and OTHER sections of this part contain an abundance of practical sounds that can be used instantly in all types of bands or ensembles, delivering the right keyboard sounds for every musical style.

Flexible control via touch sensors - from EQ to EC

The biggest innovation of the VOX Continental control surface is its LED-equipped touch strips, which have different functions depending on the situation.

· When playing an ORGAN part, they are used as touch-sensitive drawbars, which can be moved directly with the fingertips.

· When playing a KEY / LAYER part, they are used as sliders which control parameters such as EG and filter.

· When the EQ is activated, they serve as a graphical 9-band master EQ.

These touch sensors speak fluently on a light touch of the fingertips and offer both the graphical usability, such as pulling barriers, as well as the programmability that users of modern technology expect. Thanks to a concave design, you can move your fingertips smoothly, and without looking intuitively feel how far a knob has been moved. These are neither standard hardware sliders nor buttons, but precise touch sensors with a revolutionary operating comfort precisely tuned to the senses of the musician.

Real tube sound thanks to new Nutube vacuum tube

KORG's Nutube is a new type of vacuum tube that produces overdrive, creamy distortion and thick, rich sounds with the presence and warmth of vacuum tubes and allows for more authentic results than pure modeling. The subtleties of the override can be changed intuitively via a special switch and control during the performance. The audible effect is visually amplified by illuminating the groove tube.

Semi-weighted Waterfall keyboard with optimized sound performance

For the VOX Continental, a new Waterfall keyboard with a light response has been developed. Typical organ playing techniques, such as glissandi and trills, are so perfectly reproducible. The half-weighted mechanism also provides excellent playing feel and sensitive touch dynamics for piano or e-piano performances with complex chords or difficult phrases.

Customizable keyboard dynamics

A dynamics control controls the effect of the velocity dynamics on sound and sound. A left turn of the controller allows expressive, emotional performances, from subtle pianissimo to thunderous Fortissimo, ideal for solos or small setups from singers and instrumentalists. A clockwise rotation of the controller results in a flatter dynamic range, so that the keyboard accompaniment does not become a band or ensemble sound.

Scenes to quickly change settings

Favorite sounds or frequently used variations can be saved as one of 16 scenes (4 scenes x 4 benches) and flashing quickly when playing. With a USB stick, up to 100 sets with 16 scenes can be stored and loaded. If you play as a keyboard player in several bands, you can easily manage your scene sets and access the required sounds at any time.

A real stage keyboard for live performances

Design and features of the VOX Continental are optimized for the live performance. The compact case in the traditional red of the VOX organs consists of an indestructible rolled sheet and light aluminum for easy transport. The balanced XLR output sockets ensure optimum signal quality without the use of a DI box. The back, fully illuminated VOX logo and the Bulldoggen emblem show the British roots of the instrument immediately on every stage.

Pedal and keyboard stand included

A special keyboard stand (ST-Continental) and a volume / expression pedal (V861) are included. The coolly styled V861 accommodates two INPUT / OUTPUT jacks in its compact, black anodised aluminum chassis and an EXPRESSION jack to control the volume or the wah effect.

The design of the ST-Continental keyboard stand reminds of the VOX organs of the 60s. Since the angle of the stand with a lateral lever is easy to adjust and the VOX Continental can be completely secured with screws, the instrument for special show effects can be tilted extremely towards the audience. A very special keyboard stand for a new generation of live performers.


- Intuitive user interface for easy handling on stage
- ORGAN Part with three authentic vintage organs
- High quality E-PIANO part with meticulous detail
- PIANO Part with high quality acoustic piano sounds
- KEY / LAYER Part with a wide range of different sounds
- Easy-to-use, versatile effects for live use
- Large touch sensor area for controlling various parameters
- 9-band EQ for detailed sound shaping
- Genuine tube drive circuit with Nutube, the latest technology in the field of vacuum tubes
- Newly developed, excellent playable waterfall keyboard with 61 or 73 keys
- Dynamics knob for infinitely adjusting keyboard play
- Scene memories for quick switching between settings
- Lightweight, compact yet sturdy metal housing
- Traditional colors of the original VOX organs from the 1960s
- ST-Continental keyboard stand and V861 volume / expression pedal included

- Weight: 14.700kg
- Height: 230mm
- Width: 1380mm
- Depth: 420mm


- Half-weighted waterfall keyboard
61 Keys: C2 ? C7 (can be transposed in the range [C0 ... C5] ? [C4 ... C9]), dynamically from C2 to C7
- 73 Keys: E1 ? E7 (transponable in the range [E-1 ... C5] ? [E3 ... E9]), velocity dynamically from E1 to E7
- sound Generator
- Maximum polyphony
Modeling Tonewheel Organ Sound Generator: 128 voices
- Modeling Transistor Organ Sound Generator: 100 voices
- Modeling Electric Piano Sound Generator: 80 voices
- High-Definition Piano Sound Generator: 60 double stereo (up to 240 voices)
- Modeling Analog Synthesizer Sound Generator: 36 voices
- PCM Soundgenerator: 64 stereo sound (corresponds to a maximum of 128 voices)
- The actual maximum polyphony varies and depends on oscillator settings such as stereo multisamples and Velocity crossfade.
- PCM memory
- Approximately 10.5 GB (at 48 kHz, 16-bit linear PCM-converted)
- ORGAN Part
3 types (CX-3, VOX, COMPACT)
- Drawbar, Percussion ON / OFF, Split, Vibrato / Chorus ON / OFF, Rotary Speaker ON / OFF)
- E.PIANO Part
- 3 types (TINE, REED, FM)
- PIANO Part
- KEY / LAYER Part
- Preset variations
- 150
- Scene
16 (4 x 4)
- 100 sets can be stored on external USB medium
- effects
- Insert Effects
- EFFECT: CHORUS, PHASER, FLANGER, COMP, DRIVE, WAH (controllable via pedal)
- Master Effects
- REVERB: 1. HALL1, 2. HALL2, 3. ROOM1, 4. ROOM2, 5. SPRING
- EQ
- 9-band stereo equalizer
- Tube Drive circuit
- Nutube 6P1 Vacuum tube
- Steplessly controls the intensity of the volume and sound changes caused by touch dynamics.
- game help
- Bend levers
ORGAN: Rotary Slow / Fast
- E.PIANO: Tremolo ON / OFF
- KEY / LAYER: Pitch Bend
- Touch sensors (touch-sensitive)
ORGAN: Drawbars
- KEY / LAYER: sound control
- EQ: 9-band EQ
- Audio Properties
- frequency response
- 20 Hz ? 22 kHz ± 1.0 dB 10 k[Ohm] load
- Distortion + noise
- 20 Hz ? 22 kHz 0.005% (standard) 10 k[Ohm] load
- Signal to Noise Ratio
- 105 dB (standard)
- Audio output
Connection: 6.3 mm mono jack socket, unbalanced
- Output Impedance: 1.1 [Ohm] (for stereo output), 600 [Ohm] (L / Mono jack, for mono output)
- Maximum level: +16.0 dBu
- Load impedance: 10 k[Ohm] or more
Connector: XLR-3-32 Type (balanced) + LIFT - GND switch
- Output Impedance: 350 [Ohm] (for stereo output)
- Maximum level: +16.0 dBu
- Load impedance: 10 k[Ohm] or more
Connection: 6.3 mm stereo jack socket
- Output impedance: 50 [Ohm]
- Maximum level: 150 + 150 mW @ 32 [Ohm]
- control inputs
- KORG DS-1H damper pedal (Half-Damper is supported), PS-1 and PS-3 foot switch (not included)
- KORG PS-1 and PS-3 foot switch (not included)
- V861 VOL / EXP pedal volume / expression pedal V861
- Other connections
USB A (TYPE A): Save / load scene data
- USB B (TYPE B): MIDI Interfaces: 1 (16 channels) In / 1 (16 channels) Out
- Corresponds to USB specification Ver. 2.0, high-speed (up to 480 Mbps)

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