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Axess K. - 10.12.2018
Excellent!! Fantastic service!
Grégoire B. - 26.05.2014
You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end!
Minna S. - 01.09.2017
Thank you very much for the incredibly quick processing of our order & delivery. We ordered a digital piano on Tuesday night and now it is already assembled and ready for playing at our house! Please can you send special thanks to the nice delivery man who called us in advance and was here when he promised he would. Have an excellent weekend and thank you once more, we will definitely shop at MusiX again.
Salvatore A. - 07.03.2019
Thank you again for a fast service and quality products.
Gareth J. - 08.01.2018
Thank you for the excellent service!

Höfner HLE-ELF

  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
  • Höfner HLE-ELF
Product #: 196496
Brand: Höfner
Series: Höfner Green Line
Category: Concert Guitar 4/4
Availability:  <h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green">Currently only available online</span></span> Currently only available online
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EUR 675.00
Limitiertes Sondermodell mit heimischen Tonhölzern.

Massive Fichtendecke, Korpus aus Elsbeere. Echtholz-Bindings aus Walnuss. Seidenmattes Finish. Erlehals mit Mooreichengriffbrett.
Made in Germany, mit einheimischen und nachhaltig angebauten Hölzern.


- Massive Fichtendecke
- Korpus aus Elsbeere
- Echtholz-Bindings aus Walnuss
- Seidenmattes Finish
- Erlehals mit Mooreichengriffbrett.
- Mensur 650mm
- 50mm Sattelbreite
- 19 Bünde
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Christine J. - 12.04.2018
Love, Love, Love, Love :)
Oliver P. - 08.11.2018
Good price and quick delivery
Addis A. - 22.03.2019
I bought a PSR S975 Yamaha keyboard and a wireless Adapter UD WL01 from MusiX. These instruments have been delivered to me safely. I appreciate the MusiX customer service. They gave me response on time and and are friendly. I suggest MusiX to a friend by witnessing that the best music instrument sales service in Switzerland.
Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
André K. - 20.02.2019
I'm quite happy with the product. It was delivered on time and the sales support was really helpful.
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