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  • ID-AL SP703
EUR 1394.00
MP3 Player, 19 "/ 2U rack version, with mobile Hard Disk Module (HD not included)
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Prepare the tracks and audio messages on PC or Mac computer, left the SP703 to the computer using the USB2 cable provided and transfer the selected tracks onto the SP703's hard disk (Recognised as an additional drive) the same way, the files can be updated, moved, renamed or deleted. No limit on the number of files. A standard IDE 40Go hard disk wants to store over 650 hours of music (MP3 files at 128 Kbps). A larger hard disk - up to 120 Go therefore can be installed. The front face panel includes a keyboard to override the automatic mode, adjust the bass and treble settings, volume and broadcast mode (random, continuous, sequential or 24h). A LCD displays the name, length and remaining time of the current track. The 19 "2U rack is easily integrated into an existing sound system


SPECIFICATIONS Playback of MP3 on IDE hard disk (20 up to 137 Go) Bit rate: any from 8 up to 320 Kbits and VBRs (variable compression) Supports short and long file names (up to 255 characters) Digital setting of volume, bass and Trebble 255 programs to broadcast advertising, audio messages or musical style change, volume adjustment, start & stop Save the parameters Autoplay: starts reading automatically when the device is powered on - can be de-activated broadcast mode: random, sequential, repeat one, Password protected access track USB LCD display: 2x16 characters: scrolling of file names, time progress bar output on RCA stereo line Rack - 19 "/ 1U Update through USB 2.0 on PC (Win 98SE/ME/2000/XP) or MAC ( MAC OS 9.x and later versions) In USB mode, the MP3 player is identified as an additional hard disk Allowing all necessary transfers, deletion of files or moves RS232 link for firmware update and remote control module of the Integrated clock for weekly programming of start and stop functions Different playlists for each day Upgradable modules with optional Power supply: 100V to 240V - Frequency 50 or 60Hz
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