January 03, 2020

Jackson Guitars - The Thrasher's choice!

There are many guitars that resemble a Jackson, but only a Jackson is a Jackson.

We asked Rui Alexandre, a trash guitarist of Terror Empire, a portuguese band, what he thinks of the Jackson Guitars:

''I still remember clearly the first time I saw a Jackson King V. It was on a TV report covering a Megadeth concert in Portugal, more than 20 years ago. Dave Mustaine, thrash metal living legend, was playing "Holy Wars".. in that very moment I decided: I want a guitar like that one.

Jackson Guitars are linked with the best thrash music from the 80s. It is because of them, that bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Anthrax, and many more played a guitar with a headstock that screams "Metal".

Copyright (c) Photo by Helder Martins Fotografia
(Photo by Helder Martins Fotografia)

Of course, the Gibson flying V was the first V shaped guitar, but it's clear that the King V and the Rhoads from Jackson set a new standard. Adding the shark fin inlays further cemented the truly iconic design that we know today.

The King V and the Rhoads guitars have a reputation for being hard to play while sitting, but this is actually far from the truth. In fact, once the right placement with the V is found, it favours a better posture... you have to try it to believe it.

If you are finding it difficult choosing between a King V and a Rhoads, you should keep some things in mind: the King V will be easier to store because of its symetric design. The Rhoads however, is lighter and less bulky when playing on a standing position. Both will need a shaped case, but they are not difficult to find (Jackson obviously has shaped cases that fit perfectly for sale).

Copyright (c) Photo by Hugo Rebelo
(Photo by Hugo Rebelo)

Above all else, a Jackson has a special feeling that goes beyond the music, riffs and materials that make a guitar.. there is a priceless factor: Style.

There are many guitars that resemble a Jackson, but only a Jackson is a Jackson.''

Rui Alexandre, guitarist for Terror Empire and creator of Mosher Clothing.


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