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Ketron Audya 5

  • Ketron Audya 5
  • Ketron Audya 5
  • Ketron Audya 5
  • Ketron Audya 5
EUR 3298.00
Real LIVE Arranger Keyboard

61 semi-weighted keys, 8 curves dynamics, pitch and modulation joystick, aftertouch, portamento, 17 volume sliders (including a freely assignable), 10 assignable controls via USB updateable operating system
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AUDYA 5 offers a unique and powerful, with over 560 auto accompaniment styles and 370 audio drum percussion sequences plus sequences (Live Drums). Artistically sophisticated drummers and percussionists have been involved in this project, the rhythm and Arrangerbereich to create the best that is available nowadays. The audio clips were perfectly synchronized with the Midibereich and allow tempo changes and adjustments with no noticeable distortion or loss of quality. In addition AUDYA 5 offers the possibility of new user-imported audio-Drums (User-Audio Drums) with the Styles and Midi files to synchronize and also offers future functionality of KETRON a fantastic way to make your own audio-Live Drums by reason to create.


Display: TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixels
Hard drive: 80 GB ATA 2.5 "
USB ports: 2 USB Host + 1 USB Device
Storage Media:
USB flash drive, USB disk, MP3 player,
Sound production: 430 new presets with Real Voices, stereo and
Multi-Layer Voices, 512 GM2 sounds, 32-fold
multitimbral, Voice Character Emulation (VCE)
Left Voices, 2nd Voice
Programs: 320 programs, three voices, three split points
Aftertouch, Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch,
Duet, Trio, Morphing, Steel, Slide, Harmony.
Editing: ADSR envelopes, Cut off, resonance, effects,
2nd Voice
Polyphony: 197 notes
Voice List: custom playlist with up to 300 sounds +
20 User Voice List (UVL) linkable with Style,
MIDI File, MP3, Wave
Organ Drawbars: 9 Digital Drawbars, rotor simulation, Click,
Percussion and Overdrive
Ram / Ins: 64 MB RAM (optionally expandable
to 128 or 256 MB). Ins Orchestral Voices,
Super Solo
Tabs 1-16: factory and custom functions
5 Modes
Sampler: 44.1 KHz, multi sampler editor (MSP)
Multiplayer: Dual-WAV, MP3, Dual, Dual-midi file, Time
stretching and audio in real time, transpose,
DjLoop, Sfx, demos, playlists and autoplay
functional, Key Tunes, HD audio recording on 2
Traces, Pfl, MP3 encoder, audio ripper,
Macro Recording
Midifile Player: SMF Song Player with karaoke and text files
(KAR and TXT), Jukebox, Song concatenation,
Audio Drum and live guitar remix, Midi-Song
Up, Wave Sync, Medley, Midi-Mix
Registrations: Global storage options, single-and
Block mode, unlimited storage on HD
Drum-1: 51 drum kits, 3 Super Kits, 24 User Drum Sets
10 percussion sections, Drum Mixer, Manual Drums
Drum-2 (Groove): 62 Live Drum Loops
Real Audio
Arranger: 570 Styles, User Audio Drum, more than 370 real
Audio with drum sequences, accompanied by live
rehearsed acoustic and electric
Guitar phrases, Live user Guitar, Arranger B A
CD, 3 Intros / Endings, 4 Fill Ins, four breaks, bass player
Pianist and function, Audio Style Modelling.
Bank Libraries: drum, groove, bass, piano, Guitar1 / 2, Arp & Lick,
Live Guitar
Pattern Recording
and processing: quantization, loop, recording, editing style
Keyboard functions:
Octave / Double, Harmony, transposer,
Arabic scales
Accordion Mode: accordion functions under international
or Belgian system
Dsp Effects: 3 Multi-DSP effects, reverb, chorus, flanger, delay,
Phaser, Tremolo, Tap Delay 4 / 8, Wha-Wha,
Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor Slow / Fast,
4-band parametric equalizer
Microfone 1 +2: two microphone inputs with separate gain control,
10-band equalizer, echo, reverb, pan, pitch shift,
Talk, Voice Transform
Voicetron: 5-voice Harmonizer, Vocoder mode,
Auto-Harmony, MIDI Vocalizer track, multiple
Processing capabilities of 5 votes
Midi: In 1, In 2, Out, Through, 32 MIDI channels
GM2 standard
Outputs: Left / Mono, Right, four assignable individual outputs
(2 stereo or 4 mono), Headphone (stereo)
Inputs: 2 XLR microphone inputs, 2 line inputs
(Stereo), Sustain and Volume pedal
Pedal control FS6/FS13 (6 or 13 switches),
Video Interface: for the systems PAL, NTSC, Super VHS,
VGA monitor
Resolution: 640 x 480
Standard feature
Accessories: operation manual, music stand, power cord
Accessories: Hard case, sustain pedal, volume pedal,
FS6/FS13 pedal control, midi-pedal board,
Memory to 256 MB
Power supply: automatic recognition of the V
110V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz Supply voltage
(Plug and Play)

- Weight: 17.000kg
- Height: 150mm
- Width: 990mm
- Depth: 430mm

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